Steps to Prepare for a Move in 2022

Moving a home is a challenge whether you’ve been living it for a year or a decade. And it goes without saying that moving during 2020 and 2021 presented special problems and considerations that no one saw coming. COVID-19 certainly changed a lot of the “normal” practices for moving and other industries. 

While there are still COVID precautions that need to be taken, there are other things to keep in mind when planning any type of a move, regardless of the date. 

Here are steps, along with our best tips, to get you ready for a move in 2022:

Use your apps — It’s 2022, so be sure to take advantage of all the technology that you can. Be sure to ask if your realtor/real estate agent can offer online tours of the property. This is great if you’re moving long distance and it’s not practical to visit in-person or if you’re concerned about touring in-person because of COVID. 

Also, take advantage of any apps that help you track your boxes so that you can keep a digital list of all your packed items, making it easier to find items later.

Research your options — Speaking of the Internet and technology, now is the best time to start looking at researching your moving company. Look online to check out if a potential moving company has this list of red flags that might show you that a company isn’t the one for you

Also, make sure to read reviews closely to find the best movers in your area. Finally, be sure to ask your potential moving companies what precautions they are taking with regards to sanitation and COVID prevention.

Create your budget — Next, you need to figure out exactly how much money you can afford on the move and budget accordingly. A big part of this is to find out the best times to move. 

It’s generally cheaper if you move during the winter and during the week as opposed to the weekend. You can also check out more tips on how to properly budget for your move from one of our previous blogs titled How To Estimate Your Moving Costs.

Make your checklist — Another very important thing to do is to create a checklist for each step along the way. This would include supplies you need to buy, how to best pack your boxes, how to label everything so you can find it easier later, and what you need to do to get your utilities switched over. Make sure to include cleaning both your old home before you turn in the keys and your new home before you get everything set up where you want it.

Sit back and let the pros handle everything — One of the things we’ve found over the years is how awkward some people are having others come in to move them. Many customers aren’t sure what they should be doing while the movers are packing their items. 

The reality is that the pros are here to take care of your move. Just give them room to move  and be ready to answer questions as they may occur. Basically, you can just sit back and let your movers handle everything.


Use The Tips to Prepare for a Smooth Move in 2022

If you’re planning to move during the coming year, it’s important (as always) that you do your homework and prepare before you pack up. There’s been a lot of chaos in the world, so in 2022 you can put order into your own personal environment and create an organized moving experience.


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