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Proud Canadian History

Crescent Moving and Storage, originated in the small town of Crescent Beach – a quiet beach town nestled in the south west end of Surrey BC. Crescent Moving was founded in 1979 by former NHL Hockey Player, Larry Romanchych. Larry played professional hockey for over 10 years in the NHL for the Chicago Blackhawks and Atlanta Flames. 

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At the age of 29, Larry retired from professional hockey.  Following his national hockey career Larry reinvented himself as a small business entrepreneur and founded Crescent Moving and Storage. Larry started his small moving company with one 5 ton truck that he himself would drive. He quickly became popular amongst the White Rock, Crescent Beach and Surrey locals by applying the same values of integrity, honesty and hard work that he used during his NHL career.

Crescent Moving and Storage was a family run moving company – Larry was doing all the local moves himself along with running the operations while his wife Pat looked after the administration.   After the first two years, Larry was too busy to handle all the moves himself and began to expand his moving company by adding more trucks and hiring more movers.  With a lot of hard word and dedication Crescent Moving and Storage was able to expand outside of the city of Surrey, into Vancouver, Burnaby and Richmond. After expanding our services through the rest of the lower mainland expansion, Larry and Pat were also able to offer long distance moves throughout Canada and the Western United States.

For more than 30 years Larry and his wife Pat have owned and operated Crescent Moving and Storage. Larry and Pat were blessed with 4 children and at some time during the company’s history, all  four of Larry’s children have either, packed, moved or driven for the company.  The company still operates on the same values as it did when Larry started it in 1979 and remains a small, family owned and operated company committed to providing top quality moving and storage services at reasonable prices.

40 Years Experience

Established in 1979 


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All of our movers are certified, bonded, and insured.

100% Canadian

Canadian Owned & Operated 

100% Canadian Owned & Operated

 Crescent Moving & Storage