4 Tips for a Stress-less Holiday Move

The holidays are already stressful enough when it comes to buying presents, cleaning your house for visitors, and preparing all that food for the family. But if you throw in moving houses, then you can send your stress and anxiety levels into the stratosphere. 

It doesn’t have to be that way. We’re going to share some holiday-themed tips that will help you keep your stress levels lowered while you try to move into a new home this season.

Moving during the holidays4 Steps to Reducing Your Stress and Anxiety During a Holiday Move:

Get Santa’s Little Helpers

No, we don’t mean elves. But you do need to get yourself professionals who can really help you with this move. 

Nothing says lowered stress levels with a move quite like hiring an experienced, professional moving company to handle all your packing for you. Depending on your needs, you may hire movers that can box and pack all your belongings for you. Or you may only need movers to pick up the boxes you have packed and move around the heavy furniture and items. 

Regardless of your needs, you can know that professional movers will take care of your belongings and do everything in their power to make sure nothing is damaged. Movers are motivated to make your relocation as painless and stress-free as possible.

Make a List and Check It Twice

Here, you don’t have to check out who’s naughty or nice. But you should create a list of exactly what you need to do with each step of the move. 

Have a checklist of everything including switching over utilities, internet, and TV as well as what you need to pack. You can even use moving apps to help keep yourself organized. These apps can assist you to ensure everything gets packed and you can keep track of all your boxes to make sure nothing gets lost in the shuffle.

Pack Up Santa’s Bag

When Santa packs for Christmas Eve, he takes all the essential items to deliver. Well, that’s something that you need to do as well before your move! 

Pack a bag of essential items that you will need in your new home before you unpack your belongings. This should include a change of clothes (usually a couple of days’ worth), medicines, toiletries, and chargers for your cellphone, computer, or tablet. If you’re moving with small children, then you should definitely pack a toy or two to keep them entertained until you can get the rest of their stuff out of boxes.

Go Easy on the Decorations and Gifts

Finally, you want to keep this move as easy as possible. Before you move, make sure you don’t waste time putting up a lot of decorations. 

This will just be something that you have to take down and pack. Instead, plan on putting up the decorations in your new home when you get there. 

Also, you might want to keep your gift buying prior to the move to a minimum. It will be hard to pack these extra items, especially if you’re trying to keep them hidden from the other members of the household.

Holidays Are Stressful Enough, Give Yourself the Gift of Peace

This holiday season, be sure to make plans so that your move will be as easy and stressless as possible. By hiring professional movers, keeping yourself organized, and packing an essentials bag, you will anticipate many of the problems that occur and handle them up quickly so you can relax on moving day.

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