Canada Relocation Move Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

As you might guess, our moving company is presented with a lot of questions. Having been in the relocation business for over forty years, we have seen it all! Below are some of the most frequently asked moving questions with answers we hope you’ll find helpful.

Are moving companies members of a professional organization? 

If your moving company is legitimately operating in Canada (as opposed to a fly-by-night company), they should be members of the Canadian Association of Movers (CAM). With this membership, the company agrees to abide by the regulations put forth by the CAM to protect customers and their belongings.

How much does a professional moving company cost? 

This is a hard one to answer because there are so many different factors that can affect the cost. Some moves are by the hour (usually for a short move) or by weight (for longer moves). Check out our detailed blog that can give you more specific information about the cost of a move. 

Is it possible to get a free in-home estimate? 

Absolutely. Contact us and we will send a customer service representative to inventory the items you want to be moved. Once we arrive, we’ll create a free estimate of how much we anticipate the move will cost. 

If you’d like to do this yourself, you can also use our Detailed Moving Estimate Form. During your in-home estimate, you can learn more about weight restrictions and other issues that may impact your move.

When can I schedule my move? 

Generally speaking, the earlier you plan your move, the better chances you will have to get your move scheduled exactly when you want. Overall, moving dates are based on availability. We recommend that you begin planning your move at least six to eight weeks before your anticipated move date.

When will my belongings be delivered? 

If you are scheduling a short-distance move, your belongings will be delivered that day. For long-distance moves, the representative will give you a detailed itinerary of when your items will be delivered.

Can I change my moving date? 

Sometimes, problems come up and we understand that. If your moving date changes, inform us as soon as possible to see if there are any scheduling conflicts that may prevent us from fulfilling the move.

Do you pack boxes, and will you provide the supplies for the move? 

Depending on your budget and needs, there are options. We can pack all of your items ourselves and then unpack them in your new home. This is a pricier option as it requires more crew members and more time.  Or we can simply pick up the boxes you have packed and then deliver them for you to unpack. Whether you plan to pack the boxes yourself or have us do this part, you can purchase boxes and other packing supplies directly from us.

Are there any items that you will not (or cannot) move? 

There are several types of items that we are forbidden by law to transport. For the most part, these include the following:

  • Gases and chemical propellants
  • Explosives and ammunition
  • Flammable items
  • Yard and gardening chemicals (such as fertilizers and pesticides)
  • Household chemicals
  • Corrosive items

For a more detailed list of what we can and cannot move, check out this blog post.

What about my plants and pets? 

Unfortunately, we cannot move your pet for you. And we recommend that you don’t have them in your home on moving day. Moving can be stressful and we don’t want your pets getting hurt or upset as we try to move heavy items. 

Also, with people coming in and out of the home, it’s possible that your pets may get loose, and we wouldn’t want that to happen. It’s probably a good idea to get them boarded for a day or so during the move. 

As for plants, we recommend that you transport those yourself in your vehicle. The temperature in moving vans may not be conducive for plants and we would not want to damage them during transit.

Are there any items I should move? 

We pride ourselves on caring for your items and doing our utmost to ensure they’re fully protected. However, there are some items you might want to consider moving, especially those that are priceless and irreplaceable such as family heirlooms. 

It’s important to talk to your customer service representative during the in-home estimate to determine if there are special considerations that the movers should be aware of or if there are certain items that we recommend you move in your private vehicle.

Have More Move Related Questions? 

If you have a question we didn’t cover in this blog or in one of our other blogs, we want to help by taking the mystery out of moving. Contact us so we can email or call you with answers to your short or long-distance moves.

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