Long-Distance Move Challenges in Canada

A move across town might seem like a major undertaking, especially with everything going on in the world. But what if you’re planning to move long-distance to another province all the way across the country? That can be incredibly intimidating, and many people don’t even know where to get started. 

Here are tips on how to overcome challenges as you move long distances in Canada:

Start Budgeting and Get a Quote — The first thing you want to do is number crunching. Determine exactly what your budget will be so you can know from the start how much you have on hand to spend. As part of this process, you’ll want to get multiple quotes from different moving companies so you can make the call as to which company to go with.

Read the Reviews — As part of the process of getting a quote, research everything you can about long-distance moving companies in your area. These are the people you’ll be trusting to carry your prized possessions, so you want to make sure they’re deserving of that trust. Look at reviews to see if there have been any major problems for other people who used them to move. 

Here are questions you should be asking a potential long-distance moving company: 

  • Are they licensed and bonded? 
  • Are they insured? 
  • How long have they been in the moving business? 
  • Do they offer extra insurance for your especially expensive items? 

All these questions need to be answered to your satisfaction before you make your decision. Also, be sure to check their standing with your local Better Business Bureau and movers’ associations to see if they are a legitimate company or a group of scammers looking to take you for a ride.

Research the New Area — Another major step you need to take is to learn as much as you can about your new home. Many of us take for granted knowing neighbourhoods, stores, and other essentials in our hometown because we’ve always had it around us. 

When you move, you need to know simple things such as: Where’s the closest grocery store? What are the best restaurants/cafes? Who should you choose as your new personal doctor? Is there a public transportation system in the area or are you going to need to keep your car? Make as many of these decisions as possible and learn as much as you can about your new area.

Transfer Your Documents and Services — Once you’ve set up your move and are ready, transfer your documentation and services. Be sure to update your new address with your bank and creditors. 

Also, schedule time to get a new driver’s license/ID card with your new address. Finally, make sure once you have chosen a new doctor’s office to set up an initial appointment and have all of your current prescriptions transferred to a local pharmacy so you don’t run out.

Planning Ahead Will Save You Trouble When Moving Long Distance in Canada

When you’re planning any kind of a move, you should plan ahead and do your research. But if you’re doing a long-distance move, these are so much more important. Taking the time to plan and compare moving companies will protect your belongings before your next long move.

Use Experienced, Professional Movers Who Know Your Area

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