5 Secrets to Packing A Cluttered House

It seems that when it comes time to move, there seems to be “stuff” everywhere cluttering things up and making you feel like you’ve been hoarding things for years.  When this happens, your motivation to pack usually heads straight south and you stop having any enthusiasm for the task at hand.  So how do you get rid of all the clutter and get it packed effectively?  Here are tips that can help

1.Clean house

Before you even begin packing, you need to go through each room and create three separate sections for items:  Pack, Donate, and Trash.  The first goal when preparing for a move is to get rid of as much unnecessary stuff as you can so that you don’t have to pack it.

2. Use your stuff to your advantage

Do you have a lot of dresser drawers that are packed?  Good, don’t empty them.  Use your drawers as improvised packing boxes instead of taking things out, put them in a box, and then unpack them in your new home.

3. Free packing material

Don’t feel like you have to buy rolls of bubble wrap to protect your things.  Heavy winter clothes and old sheets and comforters make great packing material for fragile items.  You are going to have to pack them anyway, so you might as well use them to lighten your packing load.

4. Think small

Don’t feel like you have to pack everything into a half dozen giant boxes.  Multiple smaller boxes work just as well and they are also lighter when it comes time to carry them.

5. Labels are your friend

If you’ve got a lot of stuff, then you know it will be ridiculously hard to find when it comes time to unpack.  Label all of your boxes, not just with the location, but also with a box number.  Then use an  online app such as Sortly (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sortly-moving-organizing-inventory/id529353551?mt=8)  to keep track of what you put in each box by the organizing number.


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