Friends vs Professional Movers: Save More Than Money When You Move

Has this happened to you? You get a call from a friend you haven’t heard from in months and they have a request that they “hate to ask.” But the upshot is that they want you to help them move this weekend. 

While your brain turns over a list of a dozen excuses to get out of it, you probably also think back to when you have been in a similar situation. Basically, you can do it yourself, hire movers, or go with the cheapest option (in terms of time and money). Ask your friends to help. 

Here are the pros and cons of hiring friends to help you with your relocation:


  • First, asking your friends to help with the move likely won’t cost you money. And if it does, they probably won’t cost as much as professional movers. Most friends (at least the good ones) will be willing to help move in return for some pizza or Chinese takeout and a couple of beers.


  • Another reason you might want to consider this option is that you’ll get to spend more time with your friends. Sure, you’ll all be working hard. But there’s something about the company of good friends that will help that time pass quicker than trying to go it alone.


  • Another unexpected consequence is that you tend to be safer when you have other people working with you. You are more likely to look out for the well-being of everyone so you won’t let anyone get hurt.


  • Finally, this option also allows for flexible time scheduling. In fact, you work out the timing with your friends and not around some business’s plan.


  • It can be hard to figure out exactly how many friends will show up and how many will say they have other plans.


  • You may also not know what your friends will be willing to do when they get there. (Will they help with boxes or are they going to be willing to help move that giant sofa?)


  • If something happens and one of your friends does get hurt, you’ll feel bad about that and it could end up hurting your friendship as well. (And, in some cases, insurance may have to get involved if they are hurt on your property.)


  • When you’re moving heavy objects, tempers can run as high as the temperatures. This could lead to arguments and hurt feelings between you and your friends.


  • You may find out you have a snooper in your friend group. Are you prepared to have all of your items looked at and fondled?


  • When hiring professional movers, you know you’ll be out of your old place and in your new home in a day. Friends don’t usually have the same sense of urgency. 


  • If a professional breaks something, their insurance will cover the item and replace it. But if your friend breaks something, there’s no coverage. You will simply have to hope that they will replace the item.


There Is a Cost to Having Friends Move You – Are You Prepared for That Expense?

Moving is hard enough. It’s important that you don’t let the stress and frustrations of moving get in the way of your friendships. Instead, know upfront what you’re getting into and how many movers you can count on for the big moving day. 

Using a professional moving crew will actually save you a lot in terms of sanity and help you spend time with your friends at your new place as you get settled in. It will also ensure that you don’t lose those friends over petty moving day arguments.

Use Experienced, Professional Movers Who Know Your Area

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