5 Ways Technology Can Your Move Easier

For years, moving from one home to another has been all about brawn. You simply packed the boxes, moved them onto the truck and then repeated the process in reverse when you arrived at your new home. 

But now, rather than using your back, you can save yourself a lot of aggravation by using your brain. Through the use of apps and programs developed, technology can make the moving process even easier than before. 

Here are a few of the ways you can make your computer work during your move:

1.Plan Your Move — First, you’re going to want to get your actual move organized better. MoveAdvisor is one app that can help with this. This one helps you create checklists for every aspect of your move from packing your belongings to setting up utilities in your new home. This is the best way to get organized, so you aren’t cramming things into boxes the night before the move.

2. Get Rid of Unneeded Items — A lot of us have tons of stuff cluttering up our homes. This makes moving a real headache, especially if you’re paying your movers by the hour. The more stuff they have to move, the more it will cost you. Get rid of some of those unwanted items. If you don’t feel like having a yard sale, there are several apps to sell items.  Decluttr and Letgo are just two apps you can consider using.  Check out our blog post on packing up a cluttered house.

3. Organize Boxes — There are several apps currently on the market which help with organizing your moving boxes. One such app, Moving Van, allows you to do just this. When you pack a box, the app lets you generate a list of everything in that box. You can also take pictures of the contents, so you’re sure which items are in there. Then, you need only label the box so that when you go to unpack, you won’t have to dig through dozens of boxes looking for this one specific item.

4. Plan Your New Home — Another selection of apps allows you to map out your new home, so you know where everything goes. This fun app, Build App Pro, lets you create a 3D model of your rooms so you can plan out where you want to put everything. Moreover, this will help you know exactly which boxes should go in which locations and plan your move accordingly.

5. Know How to Avoid Downtime — Another major issue with your technology is the feeling of disconnection when you first move in. As soon as possible, make sure to get the Internet company to get your system up and running in your home. When putting together equipment, keep all your cables clearly labeled and in bags which can be put in with the devices in their boxes. (If at all possible, hold onto the original boxes your computer came in; these are perfect for boxing up for a move.) The faster you can get everything set up, the better you’ll feel about not missing out on important messages.

Technology has changed every aspect of our lives and moving is no exception. These apps and tips can assist you in getting your home ready and organized before your big move.

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