3 Places to Store Your Furniture During a Renovation

Are you getting ready to tackle a big home renovation project? It can be exciting to embark on such a venture, but it can also feel overwhelming. One of the biggest challenges is often figuring out what to do with all your furniture and other items while you renovate. 

If that’s been one of your roadblocks in starting this process, fear not – there are several ways you can store your furniture during a renovation! We discuss the top three storage solutions for Canadians looking to care for their valuable pieces during a renovation project.

Here Are 3 Ways to Store Your Belongings While Renovating Your Home:


1 – Borrow room from yourself or others

If you are planning a small makeover of a room or you are a minimalist with little furniture and tchotchkes to relocate, your options could be:

  • A room in your home that is underutilized
  • Your garage
  • A neighbor or friend’s home (their garage or room they have available)

This will save you money however, consider that you are using all your favors with friends and neighbors if you choose this route. Also consider that you will have to make multiple trips back and forth to get the furniture and items you have relocated. 


2 – Rent portable storage units you can keep on-site 

If you have a bit more than your garage can hold, you can consider a portable on-demand storage unit. These are the small storage systems you see in driveways from time to time. 

These are small units so they can fit in your driveway. Certain neighborhoods have codes about the amount of time you can have a unit in your driveway. Not every renovation will be suitable for this option. Depending on which room(s) you are refurbishing, you may consider hiring professional movers to help you safely get your expensive or sentimental items into the POD. 

Even more important may be to have pros move your items back into the house and help set it all up. 

3 – Storage warehouses

For most home renovations, residents are looking at multiple rooms of furniture and belongings as well as months of construction chaos in the home. It’s for this reason many choose to hire experienced, professional movers to move items to a storage warehouse. 

Here are some of the reasons home renovators choose professional movers and storage:

  • Less stress
  • Items moved without scratches or harm
  • Bigger storage options so you have all your items in one place
  • Climate-controlled facilities
  • Your items are inventoried and insured
  • You can store items for 6 months to a year
  • When you’re ready, pros move all your furniture back into your house

Plan Ahead: Talk with Pros Before You Decide What’s Best for Your Project

Taking the time to consider your storage options when renovating your home can put you in control of the situation, and reduce stress. Whether you decide to make use of unused space within your own home, budget-friendly portable storage units, or larger, insured storage warehouses; you have plenty of options available to store your belongings safely during renovations. 

Before making a decision about how you would like to store your items during a renovation project, research and then talk with an experienced, professional mover about which option is best for you. If the thought of taking on such a project seems daunting, just remember that with proper planning and diligence, it will be over before you know it – and you’ll have a newly remodeled home to enjoy in no time at all!

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