6 Tips for Finding a Mover You Can Trust: 2024

So, how do you find a mover that you can really trust?

Moving is stressful enough with all the packing and details you must take care of, not to mention the unpacking and settling after moving in. But that stress will compound if you end up with untrustworthy or disreputable movers. When we originally shared this piece in 2019, the world was really different!

So much has changed over the last five years, and yet, when it comes to finding experienced, reputable, and reliable movers, not much has changed!

Let’s discuss the steps you can take before booking your big move:

Step 1 – Tap Into Your Personal Network

Before you start packing, begin your move with a bit of detective work. Recommendations from friends, family, and neighbors can be incredibly valuable. 

Have any of them moved recently? 

Can they suggest a reliable mover? 

Also, consider asking your new landlord or building manager—they’re often privy to who the best movers are, having witnessed countless move-ins and move-outs.

In the last few years, this step hasn’t changed!

Step 2 – Expand Your Research 

Don’t stop at personal recommendations—expand your vetting process for professional movers. Nowadays, online platforms like Yelp and Google Reviews are gold mines of customer feedback. Sift through the reviews, but be sure to distinguish between genuine concerns and trivial complaints. 

A company’s longevity is also telling; if it has thrived over the years, it must be doing something right. To ensure legitimacy, don’t forget to check its credentials with the Better Business Bureau and the Canadian Movers Association.

Step 3 – Clarify Who Is Doing the Work

You want to know exactly who you are hiring. Some businesses claim to be moving companies when they are, in fact, moving brokers. What’s’ the difference? 

A moving company is responsible for loading, transporting, and unloading your belongings. Beware of moving brokers who merely book your move and then contract another entity to handle the physical move. They often charge extra, leaving you with higher costs and less control over who handles your belongings. 

Always aim to hire a direct moving company to avoid unnecessary intermediaries.

Step 4 – Trust but Verify 

Reputable moving companies are licensed, bonded, and insured. These credentials indicate that the movers are legally verified and provide financial protection against potential damages or losses. Ask for proof of these credentials; a trustworthy company will readily provide them.

Step 5 – Pay Potential Movers a Visit 

An online presence and pleasant phone interaction are not enough. Visit the moving company’s office or warehouse. 

This step can provide insight into how they run operations and maintain equipment. A professional setup can be a strong indicator of a reliable service.

Step 6 – Insist On a Written Moving Estimate 

Financial transparency is essential. Request a detailed, written estimate that breaks down how your bill will be calculated. If a mover is unwilling to provide a clear estimate and instead gives you a vague final figure, consider it a red flag and move on to another company.

Step 7 – (A new 2024 step!) Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) Booking Your Move?

AI has become quite the rage since COVID-19 came along in 2020. It’s common for businesses to use AI for any number of tasks.

Because virtual chats and bookings have become so lifelike, ask if you are working with real people or dealing with AI. The difference is that while AI can perform many tasks and reduce the time it takes to talk with a live person. 

You want to know who you are partnering with to ensure all your worldly possessions make it to their new home in excellent condition. 

Great Movers Make the Whole Process Easier

Once you’ve locked down a dependable mover, much of your moving stress will dissipate. There’s more to moving than just boxing up your life, and with a reliable mover by your side, you’ll have access to professional insights that can simplify the entire process. Whether you’re relocating a small condo or an expansive estate, choosing the right moving company is critical.

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