How to Create a Distraction-Free Home Office Space

Whether you have a home office as a nice place to work on your budget and pay bills or work every day from home, it’s important to create a place that contributes to your success. Keeping distractions at bay can be quite the task. Whether it’s kids, calls, or visitors, being able to focus while working takes planning. 

Here Are Steps to Take to Create the Best Distraction-Free Home Office Space:

Decide What Your Needs Are — First and foremost, you must realize that no one office is going to work for every person. For instance, if you are constantly talking with vendors or customers via Zoom, then you are going to need specific requirements such as good lighting, a quiet setting, and a background that looks professional. 

By comparison, a freelance writer may not need a similar setting as they may never get on video meetings. Instead, they may need a quiet location, but the décor may be more personalized to help inspire the creative flow of words.

Create an Isolated Area — Many people dream of being able to sit on their couch or in their recliner and do all their work in comfort from their living room. But this isn’t going to work out well. Besides the possibility of naps killing your productivity, the draw of television and other distractions is too great. 

Instead, you need a room that is separate from your family’s living area. This may be difficult with open floor plans but convert an extra bedroom or bonus room into a personal office. Another possibility is converting a garage or a covered back porch or even a sunroom into your work area. Also, make sure the area can be locked if necessary or at least that your family knows to stay out while you are working.

Make Your Area Comfortable — If you are converting an area into an office/workspace, then make it comfortable (without being so comfortable that you are going to be too relaxed). But if you are converting a porch or garage as your workspace, then you will probably need a portable air conditioner or heater to keep it comfortable during the hot summers and cold winters. 

Also, be sure to decorate your space. If you are going to need to do a lot of video meetings, make it look professional but with your own personal style. If you want something that will spark creativity, then surround yourself with posters/artwork or even little knick-knacks that might give you that jolt that you need.

Pack Your Stuff — Another thing you may need to do to clear out an office space is to put some stuff into storage. If you are like most people, you may have a bonus room or extra guest bedroom that has become more of a “junk room.” (Kind of like that junk drawer in the kitchen but blown up to full room status.) 

If that’s you, put all this into a storage facility. Go through the room and sort things into piles—storage, donate, and trash. Once you’ve cleared out most of the items, you can either pack up the rest for storage or even hire professional movers to do this for you so you can save your energy (and prevent injury).

Creating Your Own Dedicated Office Space Takes a Little Work

Finding a distraction-free area in your home may seem impossible to you. But if you follow these steps and make a careful plan, then you can create an office that works for your individual needs and home situation. If it seems daunting, get help from professional movers.

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