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6 Best Things To Do in Burnaby this Weekend

A fantastic little write up in the Burnaby Now Newspaper gives a short but sweet write up about 5 top things to do this weekend in Burnaby. 1) Learn how to preserve your summer harvest  and enjoy your summer veggies in the cooler seasons such as Fall and Winter.  The Burnaby Village Museum is hosting Continue Reading »

Meeting People in Burnaby After Moving

Anytime a person gets ready to move, there is liable to be more stress added to his or her life.  Add in moving to a new city, and the stress level goes up exponentially.  Meeting new people, finding your way around, getting utilities set up:  the list goes on and on for adding to your Continue Reading »

8 Ways to Win a Bidding War in Burnaby

One of the unfortunate recent advents in the Burnaby real estate market is the rise in bidding wars.  With the Greater Vancouver housing market becoming quite competitive, it seems like this practice will remain a part of the real estate landscape.  As such, it is important to remember these tips when it comes to investing Continue Reading »

Meeting People in White Rock After Moving

If you have ever moved to a new town or city, then you already know just how stressful and hectic the move itself can be..  From the house hunting in White Rock or South Surrey, to the packing and then finally unpacking, it is very easy to wind up with frayed nerves and stress.  But Continue Reading »

Housing Prices Surge in Vancouver

Vancouver’s housing market is once again making headlines.  After setting a record earlier this year with average home prices reaching $1 million, the city is once again proving that the housing bubble has not burst yet.  Overlooked homes that agents and prospective buyers used to ignore are now starting to sell again as more and Continue Reading »