6 Tips for Finding a Mover You Can Trust

So how do you find a mover that you can really trust?

Moving is stressful enough with all the packing and details you have to take care of, not to mention the unpacking and settling after moving in. But that stress will compound if you end up with untrustworthy or disreputable movers. You’re entrusting your home (both old and new) with these individuals as well as the safety of your personal belongings and cherished keepsakes. 

Moving Tips

Here are steps you can take before booking your big move:

Talk to People 

The first thing you want to do is your research. This may sound like a school assignment, but it’s really an important job before choosing a mover. Obviously, the easiest way to do this is to ask friends, family, and neighbors who they would recommend. If you’re moving into a new apartment, you might even want to ask the landlord or the building manager for a recommendation. (After all, they see a lot more people who are moving in and out!)

Expand Your Research 

Expand your search to the Internet looking at Yelp and Google Reviews to see what people are saying about the company. With negative reviews, see what the comments are to determine if they are legitimate concerns or just minor grumbles that have been blown out of proportion by the reviewer. Also, look to see how long the company has been in business. If they’re an older company, chances are they must have been doing something right this whole time to keep business coming in. Finally, check with your local Better Business Bureau to see if the company is legitimate.

Find Out Who You Are Hiring 

You want to know exactly who it is you are hiring. Some businesses claim to be moving companies when they are, in fact, moving brokers. What’s’ the difference? A moving company is the group responsible for loading, transporting, and unloading your belongings. A broker simply takes the booking and then outsources the moving to another group. Not only will you pay more than hiring directly (because you’ll have to pay the broker’s fees), but you’ll also be stuck with whichever movers they choose to hire.

Trust but Verify 

Make sure your movers are licensed, bonded, and insured. This shows that not only are they not a fly-by-night organization, but they also have the insurance backing if something does happen and your belongings are lost or broken.

Pay Them a Visit 

Don’t just trust the company based on their website and a phone call. Instead, get out and pay them a visit to see what their facilities look like. A trustworthy company has a professional business establishment that shows they take their work seriously.

Get a Written Estimate 

Trust doesn’t just come in the form of knowing that the movers will treat your goods safely. It also involves knowing you won’t get scammed when it comes to pay the bill. Get a detailed estimate up front so you know exactly how your bill will be calculated. If the movers won’t provide you with a breakdown but just a final number, then find another mover.

Great Movers Make the Whole Process Easier

Once you choose your movers, a weight will lift off your shoulders. Sure, there’s still the moving to do. But now you know that you have someone you can trust backing you up. Great movers will help with tips and tricks to make the whole process easier.

Whether you are moving an estate, home, townhouse or condo, it is  important to choose the right moving company and plan your move accordingly. Crescent Moving and Storage has been Surrey’s most trusted local moving company for over forty years and we can help you make your move a painless one.

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