Top Tips for Moving and Homes in Vancouver and Across Canada
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How to Pack Up and Move Your Home Office

For many people, a home office isn’t just a place to store all the paperwork that goes with owning a house, nor is it a junk room for dumping all the stuff that doesn’t fit anywhere else. The new home offices are just that—fully functional offices that people use on a daily basis as they Continue Reading »

Top Five Moving Tips for Parents

Imagine this for a moment: You’re five years old and men you’ve never seen before come to your house and take away all of your belongings. Sounds like the stuff of nightmares, right? Well, many adults take moving day for granted as just something that has to be done, but for little children it can Continue Reading »

Avoid the Top 5 Moving Mistakes

Chances are you’ve moved at least once in your life and you’re probably thinking that makes you a pro when it comes to getting set for the new home. Unfortunately, it’s still really easy to make some basic rookie mistakes. Here are the top 5 moving mistakes people make when they’re packing up and how Continue Reading »

Moving and Storage Secrets to Downsizing

If you find yourself “of a certain age,” then you may realize that your house seems huge and empty with all of the kids gone. Retirement may be looming and you don’t know what you are going to do with yourself or how you are going to afford it. That’s where downsizing comes in. Here’s Continue Reading »

Foolproof Tips for a Smooth Moving Day

Many people relish the idea of moving into a new home with more room and better features, but they absolutely dread the idea of having to move there. Let’s face it—moving can be a pain! Even if you didn’t think you had that much “stuff,” having to pack it all up will just remind you Continue Reading »

3 Rules Every Moving Company wants you to know

One of the hardest parts of moving out of your old home and into a new one is if either home has two (or more) floors. If you have ever had to get heavy furniture upstairs or back down again, then you know that it can take a toll on the furniture, your stairs, and Continue Reading »