What You Need to Move Out of Your Parent’s Home: A Checklist

Shifts in the economy recently have led to more young adults living longer with their parents. In fact, a recent survey shows that over one-third of Canadians between 20 to 34 still live with at least one of their parents. If you’re looking to take that all-important step out on your own, then it may seem daunting to move out. But we’ve created a checklist you can use to easily ensure you take care of everything you need to move.

The Ultimate Moving Out of Your Parent’s Home Checklist

Create a Budget for a New Home — The first thing you need to do is determine just how much home you are able to afford. For most people moving out for the first time, it’s unlikely you will be able to afford the down payments and fees that go with first-time home ownership. 

A more likely scenario is that you will be looking at a small apartment. Decide first what you can afford. Look at your monthly income and figure out how much you have left after setting aside a percentage in savings for emergencies and paying other necessary bills. This will give you a starting point for the types of housing options you can realistically afford.

1- Find Your Ideal Place — Now that you have a budget, start looking for your new home. Don’t just go with the first place that fits your price point. Also, look at the neighborhood (including crime statistics) and other issues such as proximity to parks, hospitals, and retail stores. 

If you’re a student, you’ll want to find a place near the school. Also, consider your transportation needs. If you have a car, does your new place have a dedicated parking area or will you need to pay for this or park on the street? If you don’t have a car, is your new home going to be near a public transportation line? All of this must be considered. 

Before you sign the lease, research your new landlord to find out if they have a reputation for being fair and honest, or if they tend to let their properties fall into disrepair.

2- Hire a Moving Company or Rent a Moving Van — If you’re moving out for the first time, then chances are you may not have much to pack and move on your own. That also means a lot of what you do have has been given to you by your parents or other family members and you want those valuable items protected with the respect they deserve. 

Keeping that in mind, consider hiring professional movers to take care of your valuables. If you don’t have a lot of furniture, just remember that most movers charge by the hour, so it won’t cost as much as a family of six packing up years of belongings. 

It’s worthwhile to hire them as professional movers can ensure that everything is taken care of, and they can even help set up the furniture in your new home. And, of course, the extra expense is saving you countless hours of backbreaking labor hauling boxes and furniture out of your old home and into your new apartment. If you do decide to move on your own, be sure to rent a moving van early as these can get booked up quickly, especially for weekend moves.

3 – Get Packed — Now comes the hard part—the packing. Be sure to have a system for packing your items. Don’t mix boxes for the bedroom and the kitchen. Label them so you know exactly where everything is. Also, be sure to use heavy-duty boxes and packing tape so that you don’t end up with torn boxes and broken valuables.

4 – Set Up Your Utilities in Your New Home — Finally, before you move in, make sure you set up the utilities in your new home. That means the gas, power, and water as well as Internet or cable TV if you plan to have these in your new home. Most of these utilities will require down payments/deposits in advance, so budget accordingly.

Moving Out Is Moving Up in Life

If you’ve decided that it’s finally time to get out on your own, then congratulations! This is a monumental step. Help yourself by planning and performing prep-work to make the process a smooth one.

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