Holiday Moving: How To Make It Less Stressful and More Festive

Ask anyone who has ever had to descend into a mall the week before Christmas looking for that perfect gift for a family member and they will tell you the same thing: the holidays can be among the most stressful time of the year. Unfortunately, you can’t put your entire life on pause for these annual celebrations. 


In fact, for some, the stress is compounded by having to pack up and move into a new home during this “most wonderful time of the year.” If you find yourself in this situation, take a deep breath and use the tips below.

Here Are Tips to Make Your Holiday Move Less Stressful:

  • Get Started Early 


Probably the most obvious tip to reduce your stress levels is to get started as quickly as you can. That also includes all aspects of the move including gathering up materials. 


A lot of people use packing boxes to put their holiday presents in. Get a jumpstart on buying these as quickly as you can. 


Start packing your belongings early. Be systematic and go room-by-room and try to stay on track doing several boxes a day until you get everything ready to go.

  • Get Help 


Most of your family and friends are going to have plans of their own during the holidays. So, this means you probably won’t be able to tempt your buddies into helping you move with promises of pizza and beer. 


Instead, get professional help in the form of a moving company. These experts can take the stress off you by ensuring everything gets moved safely and securely. They will ensure that things are packed safely to prevent breakage and that everything, especially your oversized items, gets moved without breaking your back.

  • Celebrate 


Just because you are moving doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t celebrate the holidays. If you are worried about decorating the house before you move, don’t panic. 

Just scale down your decorations a little. You don’t have to make it look like the Griswold’s house from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation


Instead, just put up a wreath and a small tree with just a few ornaments. Also, don’t worry about wrapping your presents until after the move. 


Just pack up everything and then get it set back up once you make it to your new home. If you are moving right after the holiday celebration, you might want to consider keeping presents to a minimum. Remember, every item you purchase as a present for someone in your household must be packed up when the move comes around.

  • Communicate 


The holidays are a time to stay in touch with your family and friends. This is especially true if you are moving. 


Let those who are important to you know that you are moving and might not be available for the holiday parties or dinners. Instead, talk to them and tell them that you will be in the mood to celebrate once the holidays are over.

  • Plan Your Holiday Dinner 


Speaking of dinners and parties, it’s very unlikely that you will be cooking a full holiday meal this year with all your kitchen utensils in boxes or in transit to your new home. So, instead, make plans to dine out. 


Explore your new home and surroundings to see if there will be any restaurants open during special holiday hours. But, also make plans to cook that traditional feast once you get in and get settled as a way to celebrate your housewarming.


Moving During the Holidays Can Be More Festive Than Frantic

Don’t let your new move ruin your holiday plans. By working ahead and relying on professional movers, you can ensure that you have time and energy to enjoy the holidays in a stress-free environment.


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