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Moving to White Rock?

Anyone who is moving to Vancouver from an area that has “too hot to handle” summers, knows that spring and summer in Vancouver is beautiful. From mid April to mid October, Vancouver weather can range anywhere from 17 to 30 degrees Celsius – a perfect climate to enjoy all the outdoor recreation that Vancouver has at its disposal. If you are moving to White Rock or South Surrey you will be delighted at your choice of golf courses (Morgan Creek is a local favorite), parks, forests and beaches.

Many families will spent the lazy days of summer relaxing on White Rock beach and the evenings enjoying some of White Rocks favorite restaurants. If you prefer a more active day, you could book yourself tee-time at Morgan Creek Golf Course or dust off your mountain bike and head out to Delta’s Watershed Park, or simply go for a stroll on Crescent Beach. Vancouver’s deliciously mild climate during spring and summer can transform just about anybody into an outdoor enthusiast.

We have been a member of the the White Rock community for almost thirty years. During this time we have become the “go-to” movers for this community other surrounding areas.  Why? Our reputation as a trusted and professional moving company means everything to our organization.  As a family owned moving company we have built this reputation on providing reliable and honest movers at affordable rates.

Our thirty years in business have given us the opportunity to train all of our employees with time tested methods of packing and moving homes or businesses safely and reliably.  You can’t get this type of experience from a book or training manual, it only comes through time and experimentation.  All of our employees have at least three years of experience in the moving industry and many have been with our company for over fifteen years.  By taking care of our moving team, we are ensuring they are proud to work for Crescent Moving and Storage which shows in their work.

Professional Moving Company

When you hire Crescent Moving and Storage you are guaranteed the following:

  • Experienced moving techniques treating your belongings with respect and care.
  • No stress with guaranteed delivery times.
  • No need to purchase packing supplies – we use the packing materials that have been tested with our years of experience.
  • No need to pack – we label and pack to unpacking is a breeze.
  • All items are placed in the new home with your guidance to make unpacking a breeze.
  • We are organized and efficient!

Moving to White Rock

Reputable White Rock Movers

All of our White Rock Moving Company trucks come fully supplied with dollies, moving pads and straps. We only use professional movers and packers who show up at your home with the right equipment and supplies to properly protect and ship your household items.  Not only do we protect your goods we also protect your floors by laying down moving runners.

All your furniture items will be wrapped in quilted moving pads and we loaded on our truck to bring back to our warehouse.  We leave the pads on the furniture for loading and placing into our storage containers where they will be safely stored until you are ready to receive them.

When you choose Crescent Moving and Storage as your White Rock Moving Company you are getting a team of professional movers who are licensed and insured, bonded and Certified by the Canadian Association of Movers.