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Ocean Park

Reliable Ocean Park Moving and Storage in Surrey since 1979!

Crescent Moving is a professional moving company with experience to help you safely pack and move your household to beautiful Ocean Park. We have the boxes, packing supplies, and the vehicles to do the job right. We invite you to discover what we have to offer. It is our goal at Crescent Moving Company to give our customers 100% satisfaction, and to alleviate the stress often associated with moving.

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History of Ocean Park, Surrey

We love our community and the people who live here.  A little history if you are new to the area, historical beginnings of Ocean Park are attributed to Mr. Alexander Annandale who in 1864 built his home on a cliff between Ocean Park and Crescent Beach. In  1886 that Ben Stevenson procured his waterfront land, and in 1918 he donated the property for the community’s first school. Ben Stephenson was also helpful in achieving the tunnel route to the beach that runs under the Great Northern railway tracks.

Early in the 1900s Rev. W. Pascoe Goard, bought 136 acres of waterfront land with the idea of turning the area into a summer retreat for pastors and lay ministers of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and during this time the region became known as Ocean Park. Eventually the property was subdivided into building lots, but when selling them proved futile, the land was apportioned to Methodists holding shares in the property.

Over the years, Ocean Park has grown into a popular residential area and seen a steady increase in population. Today, the once summertime resort town has become a year-round community for folks who enjoy the view and the charm of the area. If you are new to the area and plan to settle in soon, our Ocean Park Moving Company is at your service with all the help you need to make your move and transition to the area easy.

We are proud members of the Ocean Park Community and have been since 1979.

Moving to Ocean Park

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Our goal for each and every move is to exceed your expectations.  All moving plans are customized and planned ahead.  Moving to a new home, apartment, or new office location – we have it covered.  Relocating, moving across the country or just down the street, we can HELP!

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