moving and packing your home office

How to Pack Up and Move Your Home Office

For many people, a home office isn’t just a place to store all the paperwork that goes with owning a house, nor is it a junk room for dumping all the stuff that doesn’t fit anywhere else. The new home offices are just that—fully functional offices that people use on a daily basis as they work from home. But if you’re planning to move, that means you have more than just furniture being packed up. You’re actually boxing up your livelihood to take with you. That’s why it’s so important to follow these tips for packing up your home office.

Clean up
The first step you need to take is a standard one—sort through all of your stuff and clear out the unnecessary items. If you hire professional movers, you’ll be paying by the hour, so the less stuff you have to move, the better. A lot of the paperwork that we currently have is unnecessary. Sort through and make three stacks—one to keep, one to shred, and one to scan. The keep pile should be pretty obvious, but the others will be items that you don’t need at all or that you don’t need the original copies of. If you don’t need it at all, shred it and toss it. If you do need it, but you don’t need the originals, consider using a scanner to make a digital copy of the item so you can store it more portably on a hard drive. The same scenario can go for books. If you know you’ll never read the book or use it as a reference point again, then donate it to a local library or charity.

Back it up
Before you do any packing, you want to make sure you have your entire computer hard-drive backed up. (We’d even suggest having two back-ups, but we like to be cautious.) It’s possible for a computer’s interior hard drive to become damaged in a move and you don’t want to lose all of your work if that happens.

Make sure it will all fit
Large items like your desk may fit in your current space, but if you’re moving somewhere smaller, it may not fit. Be sure to look over your new office carefully and make sure that you actually have enough room for everything. If you don’t, it may be necessary to look into smaller furniture.

Keep your stuff boxed together
When you get to your new place, you want to be able to move quickly to get your office set up so you can get back in business. To that end, keep all of your computer parts and cords together. It doesn’t make sense to have the computer in one box with the keyboard and mouse in another and your power cables in a third. The only things that should really be packed separately are the monitor and printer. For more packing and storage tips, or to get a free no obligation moving quote contact

Pack correctly
If you have the original boxes from your computer, use them. If you don’t, be sure to get boxes that are big enough to hold the materials without being too bulky. Don’t try to cram everything into one box, because you definitely don’t want to have it tear open and see your computer burst into a million pieces on the floor. This goes the same for books and other heavy items. When it comes to how much you should put into each box, less is best. For monitors and other fragile items, use bubble wrap or wrap the items with a furniture pad to prevent the screen from being damaged.