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At Crescent Moving, we are proud of our reputation as trusted local movers in Vancouver, White Rock, Surrey and Langley. If you are like most people, your belongings are important to you. Many household items are cherished pieces with sentimental value. When hiring a company – you want movers who take care with your belongings and treat them with respect.

Please fill out our quick and easy movers estimate form for an immediate quote. Alternatively if you have any questions of if you wish to schedule a personalized estimate fill out our contact form and one of our movers will be in touch.

One way to protect yourself and your belongings is to hire a professional company whose movers are certified Better Business Bureau Members.  Unfortunately, there are many companies out there who claim to be BBB members – but are in fact NOT members.  In order to protect yourself from movers using the BBB logo unauthorized simply visit the Better Business Bureau website and select the option to find an authorized business.

Crescent Movers has been a proud member of the White Rock, Langley and Surrey community for over 30 years. Crescent Moving was founded in 1979 by Larry Romanchych and named after the famous Crescent Beach in White Rock BC. For more than 30 years Crescent Movers has operated as a family owned local moving company. As the moving company expanded so did Larry’s family. At one point all 4 of Larry’s children have either, packed, moved or driven for the company. Crescent Movers still operates today with the same values and integrity as it’s inception in 1979.