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Free Christmas Ornament Storage Box DIY

Christmas Ornament Storage DIY

Right after Christmas is a great time to pick up Christmas Ornament Storage Boxes. Most retailers have an abundance of them and often times they are on sale. For the past couple of years I have been coveting a good quality Christmas ornament storage box. The fabric kind that has 25 little compartments for each ornament to sit safely and snugly until next year – however I just can’t bring myself to spend 25 dollars¬† (or more!) on a fancy box – perhaps if I needed only 1 box, I could splurge, but I have way too many decorations!

I decided I could create my own Free Christmas Ornament Storage Boxes. I went to the local wine store and picked up 3 wine boxes with the cardboard separators.  I cut square pieces of styrofoam to fit each compartment to be used as a separator (if you prefer not to use Styrofoam you could place pieces of thick fabric or felt wrapped around newspaper for cushioning) I was able to create up to 24 compartments in each wine box.

I kept my cardboard wine box plain, but if you felt really creative you could decorate the box with Christmas wrapping paper or even fabric. I would love to hear any Christmas Ornament Storage solutions that are inexpensive and have worked for you. Please leave a comment and tell me about it!

DIY Christmas Ornament Box