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Single Parents Guide to Moving Out (and Moving On…)


Although the numbers are higher in other countries, an estimated forty percent of Canadian marriages end in divorce. Because of this high number, it is sometimes necessary to take a truthful, albeit scary, look at the realities of moving out of your family home and starting over as a single parent. It’s not just something you would do on a whim, but it’s necessary for thousands of people each year. Here are guidelines for how to survive such a move with your sanity intact (

Get a support system in place

The first thing you’re going to need to do is create a support system that can help you out. If your kids got sick before, you could probably rotate the care and clean up duties with your spouse. Now, that all falls on you. If you have an emergency, who are you going to leave your kids with, especially if your ex isn’t nearby or able to help? The support system can be anyone that you trust—your parents, a sibling, a close friend. The idea here is that you need someone who can give you some much-needed back up when things get scary or too hectic. If you try to handle every single thing on your own, you will drive yourself crazy and make yourself (and your children) miserable in the process.

Get along and move on

One of the worst things that you can do in a divorce with children is to not get along with your ex. Sure, this is going to be tough. Chances are, whatever caused you to split up in the first place was painful and heart breaking. It’s OK to still be angry, but never EVER let your children see this. You do not want them to have to choose sides between you and your spouse. Children are very intuitive and will pick up on the least bit of animosity. If you have to say something bad about your ex, turn to the support system that you set up. A good sounding board is very important, just make sure your child is nowhere around so that it can’t get back to him or her.

Get organized

When you first move out on your own, it’s very easy to let the new house or apartment go to the dogs when it comes to cleaning. After all, you’ve gone from two active adults doing the chores to just one. And usually, couples tend to focus on the things that they do well while the other person covers the other side of the cleaning. But now it’s your entire job. It’s also common to let the kids slide some on rules like bedtime. You feel guilty about the divorce and want to accommodate your children so that they adjust better. But the bottom line is that you need to give your children order and rules as soon as possible. Once these rules and chores are back in place, your children can be better adjusted and happier. It’s also a good idea to create new traditions to replace the old. Set up a designated Family Game Night or Family Movie Night to create some order.

Stay positive

Finally, it’s really important to be positive about the new lifestyle changes. Sometimes you just need to cry and rant. But you need to find a constructive way to deal with that. Don’t think of this as the end of a relationship, but the start of a new chapter in your life. Divorce is not the end of the world. But, it is time to reflect and make changes to help your life be easier.

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Foolproof Tips for a Smooth Moving Day

Many people relish the idea of moving into a new home with more room and better features, but they absolutely dread the idea of having to move there. Let’s face it—moving can be a pain! Even if you didn’t think you had that much “stuff,” having to pack it all up will just remind you of how much you do have as everything has to be pulled out of the attics, the closets, and the junk room to move it into your new home. But who says it has to be that way? Moving doesn’t have to be that hard. Here are some foolproof ways to make sure that your next move goes as smoothly as possible.

Stock Up On Supplies — The first rule of packing for a move is starting early. We are not just talking days or even a week before the move; but instead, we mean weeks early. Start gathering boxes and packing supplies early and be sure to get professional boxes designed for moving. Don’t just grab boxes from the local liquor store or supermarket because these may be convenient and free, but they are also more likely to break during the moving process.

Clean House — Once you have a good supply of boxes and supplies, start cleaning up the house. This may seem counterintuitive, but it actually makes the best sense. Go room by room with two bags: one for trash and one for donated items. Clean out as much as possible, tossing the things that you don’t want or need anymore and donating things that you can’t use or wear. Whatever is left over is what you need to pack. Now you can move room-to-room packing up your belongings. Be sure to put similar things together, such as dishes or clothes and don’t pack essential things that you are going to need or use up to the day of the move. Also, save certain items like jewelry and computers to move yourself so that you don’t have to worry about losing them.

Set Up the New Space — Before you start taking boxes over or having your moving company deliver them, you need to set up the new space in your new home or apartment. It will be easier to get the space cleaned if there are no pieces of furniture or boxes in the way. So take your time painting, patching up and repairing anything, and putting in window treatments and other similar items. This is also a good time to do a good cleaning by sweeping, mopping, dusting, and vacuuming before everything is delivered. Also, buy essential items that you will need the day of the move. These would include cleaning supplies like paper towels and trashcans and bags as well as soap, shampoo, and detergent. That way, you won’t have to worry about trying to find these necessary items in their moving boxes. Finally, plan out where everything is going to go. This way, when the movers begin to bring in items, you won’t have to stop to think about where you want your couch or television set up.

With careful planning, moving does not have to be a painful or nerve-wracking experience. You just have to work through the process in steps and everything will go much more smoothly. This way, you can enjoy your new home quicker by getting through the move easier.

3 Rules Every Moving Company wants you to know

One of the hardest parts of moving out of your old home and into a new one is if either home has two (or more) floors. If you have ever had to get heavy furniture upstairs or back down again, then you know that it can take a toll on the furniture, your stairs, and your back. If that is the case for you or if you are just having difficulty getting any heavy piece of furniture moved, here are three rules that will help you to do this easier and with less fuss.

7340338-2Couches — Call it what you will: couch, sofa, or love seat. But the bottom line is you will probably be calling these items a few choice names by the end of your move. For these items, the problem isn’t so much the weight of the couch—it’s the shape. Couches are hard to move because they are so awkward, especially if you have to take them up or down stairs. The key to moving a couch is twofold. First, make sure that you look at the couch carefully along with whoever is helping you move it. Find a comfortable place to grab hold of the couch before you lift it so you don’t have to adjust your handhold on the fly. Second, invest in a back brace or support belt like those used by weightlifters. This will give your muscles that extra lower back support when you are doing the heavy lifting.

Dressers — When it comes to actual weight of an item, this is probably going to be the heaviest thing you have to move. If the dresser is taller than it is wide, you may be able to get a hand truck or dolly slid underneath it to move it more easily. If not, then you should first remove all of the drawers. This isn’t going to reduce the weight by much, but it will prevent them from flying open at the most inopportune times. Next, get the padded moving blankets out of your moving truck. Place these on the ground and then carefully place the dresser on top of the pads with the top facing down. (The top is usually flat so this will work much better.) Then slide the dresser across the moving pads. You can also do this when going up or down a flight of stairs, but be careful. Going up is going to take a lot of force to move it. If you choose to slide it down the stairs, you also have to make sure that it doesn’t get away from you. No one wants a runaway dresser crashing into the wall.

Mattresses — Here’s another item that is not really hard to move because of weight. Instead, its difficulty comes from being so awkward and oversized, especially when it is too large for you to get a handgrip on the mattress. Thankfully, many manufacturers are now including handles that you can grip to make the move easier. If yours doesn’t have these, or if you are worried about keeping the mattress clean, then consider investing in mattress bags. These reusable bags enclose the mattress so that you can slide it (or the box spring if necessary) across the ground without worrying about it getting dirty. What’s even better is that the bags come with handles so that you can grip and carry them very easily.

If you are moving yourself, it isn’t necessary to break your back or your bank account. Relatively cheap options are out there to help you with the move so that you can transport those heavy pieces of furniture easily. But if all else fails, you can always consider hiring a moving company and let the pros handle it.

6 Best Things To Do in Burnaby this Weekend

A fantastic little write up in the Burnaby Now Newspaper gives a short but sweet write up about 5 top things to do this weekend in Burnaby.

1) Learn how to preserve your summer harvest  and enjoy your summer veggies in the cooler seasons such as Fall and Winter.  The Burnaby Village Museum is hosting  chef and holistic nutritionist Andrea Potter on Sunday, Aug. 23, from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. in the museum’s meadow. This event is part of the Homegrown Harvest workshop series.

Learn how to properly store and organize your preserves:

2. Looking to meet new people and  enjoy the great outdoors? Join Burnaby Outdoors Club  This group of outdoor enthusiasts regularly organizes out-of-town daytrips and hikes. On Saturday, Aug. 22, they are heading to Al’s Habrich Ridge Trail in Squamish for a 11.6-kilometre hike, and on Sunday, they are going to the Chain Lakes Loop in the Mount Baker area. Membership in the group is $30 a year, and members often carpool and hike together.

3. Spend a beach day at Barnet Marine Park. Pack a picnic, sunscreen and a good book and enjoy this family friendly beach in the heart of Burnaby. This park tends to be less crowded than Vancouver’s beach hotspots, so it’s the perfect place to relax.

4. If you are  a big movie fan, especially the old classics that can not be found online,  we suggest heading to Burnaby Public Library to get your fix.  They have a ton of films, and you can take them out for free. We recommend Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai or Francois Truffaut’s The 400 Blows or Jules and Jim, both French new wave classics. There’s also Alain Resnais’s Hiroshima Mon Amour and Mamma Roma by Pier Paolo Pasolini. If you prefer more contemporary titles, we recommend Her, a brilliant artificial intelligence love story directed by Spike Jonze. The best thing is to head to the Metrotown Bob Prittie library branch, because they house the largest collection, and just browse the shelves and pick some interesting titles. If you’re into binge watching, they also have a large collection of popular TV series, like Breaking Bad, Mad Men and Borgen (a super popular Danish series), and there are tons of documentaries, too. This is the perfect way to wind down after your relaxing day at the beach doing nothing if you followed our previous suggestion

5. Catch the two Pacific Junior B Hockey League exhibition games this Saturday and Sunday at the Burnaby Winter Club. The Grandview Steelers, from Burnaby, take on the Aldergrove Kodiaks on Saturday, and the Port Moody Panthers on Sunday. Both games are at 4 p.m. The club is at 4990 Canada Way.

6. Cool off at the Pool. Last but not least, we are nearing the last few weeks of outdoor pool weather. For those who are looking to cool off from the heat – why not check out Burnaby’ s Central Park Outdoor Pool.

If you are lucky enough to live in Burnaby North or South – you know that most summer time weekends bring ample opportunities for every type of person.

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Meeting People in Burnaby After Moving

Anytime a person gets ready to move, there is liable to be more stress added to his or her life.  Add in moving to a new city, and the stress level goes up exponentially.  Meeting new people, finding your way around, getting utilities set up:  the list goes on and on for adding to your headaches.  Of course, if you already know someone in Burnaby, or even New Westminster, then it may not be so bad.  But if you have just moved and are totally new to Burnaby, here are a few ideas on how to meet new people and become actively involved in your new community.

  • Introduce yourself.  The easiest way to get to meet people is to just go visit the neighbors.  Stop in, introduce yourself, and maybe even bring over some food as a way to break the ice and meet people.
  • Do some research.  Get a copy of the local newspapers, the Burnaby Newsleader, or Burnaby Now check out their websites  ( and ).  The newspaper will update you on important local events and also give you ideas about stores and restaurants in the area.  You can also find out information about local arts events and festivals such as the Burnaby Blues + Roots Festival (
  • Explore.  Got a weekend when you don’t have anything planned but sitting on the couch?  Then head out in the car for a drive and just explore the city.  Learn the different shopping areas, restaurants, and other community hotspots.  Also, be sure to bring your GPS so you don’t have to worry about getting lost.
  • Get active with your kids.  If you are parents, then you should know that Burnaby is a great place to raise your children.  Particularly for those who have an active lifestyle, Burnaby has beautiful shorelines, nature trails, and parks.  Once you get out in the community with your kids, you will meet others just like you with kids of their own.  This shared interest and lifestyle will help to make connections with others.  Also, check out the Burnaby DPAC ( or hit the links at one of the local golf courses (
  • Join a church.  Burnaby has several dozen churches in the area that are always open to new members (  These churches are another good way to meet people and get involved in the community.
  • Learn about local businesses.  The Burnaby Board of Trade is another source for getting to know the locals (  They can give you information about businesses that you might be in need of and also help you out with getting settled into your own business in the community.
  • Visit the library.  The Burnaby library gets over 6,000 visitors a day (  Join these thousands and see if you can meet and strike up a connection with some of them.  You can also meet people by signing yourself or your kids up for a variety of classes including the Lego Club and Knitting Club (

8 Ways to Win a Bidding War in Burnaby


One of the unfortunate recent advents in the Burnaby real estate market is the rise in bidding wars.  With the Greater Vancouver housing market becoming quite competitive, it seems like this practice will remain a part of the real estate landscape.  As such, it is important to remember these tips when it comes to investing your money so that you don’t get burned in a bidding war.

  1. 1.     Know your limit—One of the first things you should do in looking at any piece of real estate is to get pre-approved by your bank to see how much of a loan you can take out.  This will allow you to set a high-end limit on just how much you can invest should a bidding war occur.
  2. 2.     Do a background check on the home and the neighborhood—Many people only see the house and the property it sits on as what they are investing in.  However, once you buy a home you are also investing in the neighborhood itself.  Do yourself a favor and research the area as well as inspect the home.  There are many little communities in Burnaby – find out what the schools are like as well as the business development, crime rate, and access to BC health services.  You will want to be sure of these things to make sure that it is worth it to go over the asking price in a bidding war.
  3. 3.     Beat the weekend rush.  Weekends and Monday morning tend to be the peak period for offers being made on homes because you have the families who popped in on a Saturday or Sunday for an open house making offers.  To avoid this, look at properties earlier in the week and try to have your agent make an offer on Wednesday or Thursday.  By getting in just a few days early, you may be beating out other prospective buyers who will jack up the asking price on the house.
  4. 4.     Be honest with your agent.  It is imperative that your agent knows exactly what you can afford and what type of house you are looking for.  If your agent is encouraging you to enter a bidding war by placing an offer that is above your limit, move on and get yourself a new agent.  This person is more interested in his or her commission than in finding you the right home for your budget.
  5. 5.     Be firm.  Once you have set your budget, don’t let yourself be tempted into paying too much for a house.  This happens especially with young homeowners who fall in love with a particular home and then will do anything to get it, including putting themselves in debt that they cannot afford.  Avoid this at all costs.
  6. 6.     Make a clean offer.  If you do get involved with a bidding war, make a straight-forward, clean offer that is not contingent on financing approval.  Also, don’t be willing to waive certain necessities, such as home inspections, just so you can look more appealing to the home’s current owner.
  7. 7.     Be willing to adjust.  It doesn’t always come down to price; sometimes winning a bidding war in Burnaby can be as simple as being flexible with moving date and / or other minor details.
  8. 8.     Put a deposit down.  Even if your offer is not the highest, putting down a large deposit shows that you are serious about acquiring the property.  This deposit should be as much as you can afford, keeping in mind that it will count towards your down payment in the final tally.
  9. 9.     Be personal.  Don’t just send the prospective seller a number.  If you sit down and explain in a personal letter exactly why you want the property, it adds a personal touch that many people appreciate.  Tell the homeowner exactly what you like about the property and maybe they will be able to visualize you enjoying the home as much as they did.
  10. 10.  Get out if you have to—Some realtors will set a home well below market value in the hopes of spurring a bidding war.  If you find yourself in a nasty bidding war that just keeps going up and up, get out.  Don’t let yourself get caught up in the drama and heart-break and certainly don’t get tied to a home that you cannot afford.

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Trying to move? Is your house turning buyers off?

Looking to Move?

When a property comes on the market, sellers are obviously competing with other homes.  However, they are often competing against their own homes faults and flaws as well.  From stinky rooms and dirty dishes to slinking cats and wilting wallpaper, there are numerous potential offenders lurking within a home that could leave buyers without interest.

Keep your house clean

Unkempt and dirty homes are the number one offender, and the easiest to fix.  A deep cleaning – by means of carpet cleaners, steam cleaners and some good old-fashioned elbow grease – can get the house sparkling.  It is important to maintain that on a daily basis during showings.  Beds should be made, towels should be folded, and crumbs should be swept up daily.  A buyer wants to see that you care for the home and a dirty home can represent carelessness, which could mean bigger problems exist that the eye cannot see.

Banishing odors when a home goes on the market is important and sometimes tricky.  You may not think your house smells, but your nose is much more attuned to your nightly broccoli and fish dinner than someone that is coming into the home for the first time.  Banish stinky foods and give your fabrics, such as draperies and couches, a good surface cleaning.

Eliminating pet odors is also advised, which might mean moving Fido’s dog bed to the garage or putting a kitty litter box on a twice a day cleaning routine.  When it comes time to a home showing, just as you would make yourself scarce during a potential buyers visit, you should try to remove your pet from the home as well.  Once a house goes on the market, you might even consider sending your pets away to a friends or families house for the time being.

Pack up personal items

Packing up personal items and religious relics is a good way to get a head start on your move and clean up the clutter.  Buyers have trouble looking past the confusion of excess tchotchkes, prolific art displays, and overly furnished rooms.  Consider removing excess furniture and placing it in storage. Patch up any holes in the wall from excessive photo collages.  Help them see beyond the chaos and create a calm, orderly space.

Quick Moving Date and Top Selling Price

If you want to move fast, but also want the highest price for your home, you will most likely need to update any old fixtures.  Ceiling fans and lights need to be current, and hardware for cabinets is an easy switch.  If possible, updating old appliances is also advantageous.  While it would seem that this is just as easy for the buyer to replace, it might result in a weaker offer on the home because all the buyer sees is projects and money.

The dreaded popcorn ceilings of the 80’s are still lingering in many homes.  Hiring a professional to remove the popcorn is money well spent.  You might also want to consider having any wallpaper removed.  Unlike paint, which is easy to paint over with a color of choice, wallpaper is very personal and very tedious to remove.  Current trends call for accent walls of wallpaper, but proceed with caution.  A buyer will most likely want the wallpaper to come down.

Sticking with a clean, tidy, and clutter free home helps keep your personality out of the home and gives prospective buyers the opportunity to imagine living there.  They do not need to see a sink full of dirty dishes or an overflowing laundry hamper in the home, because with good prep work they will experience that soon enough themselves.

Mayor Concerned Over Housing Prices – Burnaby, Surrey, North Van


With approximately one-half of Vancouverites concerned over housing affordability according to a recent poll this month, local mayors are taking notice and looking to take action.  With a greater number of residents paying more and more of their monthly gross income on mortgage or rent, and with a declining rental market that is making way for multi-million dollar builds, the issue of local and federal government stepping in to make a difference is a hot topic in the Vancouver Sun and for many locals.


In Burnaby, the recently re-elected mayor, Derek Corrigan, points out that while there is a need for more resourceful ways to create more housing, there are some residents that are under-market on their rental units and could afford to move into more expensive units.  This would allow the more affordable housing units to open up to those in need.  While that may be an option, currently there is a lack of new rental market development.  The rise of condominiums and new developments without rental housing as part of the project is putting a hold on introducing these new rental units to market and allowing a step up for residents.

North Van

Mayor Darrell Mussatto of North Vancouver City and Mayor Richard Walton of North Vancouver District are both looking at feasible ways in which to increase density on parcels of land, particularly those close to mass transit.  Both mayors do agree, however, that transit service overall needs to increase in order to make these types of endeavors feasible.

Coquitlam & Richmond

In Coquitlam and Richmond, Mayors Richard Stewart and Malcolm Brodie, respectively, agree that partnerships are a viable means in which to provide more affordable housing.  From density bonuses in Coquitlam to expansion of senior housing in Richmond, both cities are looking at ways to find solutions to the local housing issues.


Co-ops are seeing more publicity in local governments, especially in Surrey.  New mayor-elect Linda Hepner states that having co-ops and land trusts would create a greater number of affordable housing units and there would be insurance against dramatically escalating rents.  This type of option is particularly appealing for developers if they are going to hold onto a property for twenty years or more.

There is no doubt Vancouver proper is the most expensive real estate of the area, with the average price per square foot at almost double that of the Outer Metro area.  Nevertheless, the difference in price of all of Vancouver as a whole is still staggering in comparison to British Columbia and greater Canada.  Even so, the vacancy rate continues to be one of the lowest in Canada.  Changes outlined by Mayor Gregor Robertsonduring campaign season included many of the same plans as the neighboring cities; increased land density, co-ops, and partnerships that would put affordable housing at the forefront of developers minds.

Any actions by local and federal government to ease the concerns of Vancouverites to create more affordable housing options will be a move in the right direction. If you are looking for affordable & professional moving companies in Burnaby – contact Crescent Moving for a free moving quote.

A Newcomers Guide to Living in Burnaby


burnabyCityJust east of Vancouver lies the city of Burnaby, home to more than 200,000 residents.  With hills throughout and water to the north and south, this leafy suburb offers families a great option when relocating to the greater Metro Vancouver area. Home to a diverse population and within easy commute to downtown Vancouver, areas of Burnaby offer families desirable neighbourhoods from which to call home.

With a deep commitment to continuing to improve the quality of life for citizens, this city has ensured the opportunity to live in a safe, responsible, and healthy community. With twenty-five percent of the city covered in parklands, trails, and golf courses, there is an abundance of naturein this green and vibrant city. Not to mention the culturally rich arts, education and social programs that reign throughout the year.

North Burnaby offers housing options for locals and immigrants alike. Featuring several parks and historic areas such as the Heights with homes from the turn of the century, this neighbourhood even offers a seashore park at Barnet Marine Park with a beach to dip your toes into. Renting before buying in an area such as North Burnaby gives you the opportunity to visit and check out the multitude of neighbourhoods before opting to invest in a home of your own. Taking into consideration such factors schools, public transit, work, parks, trails, dog-friendly sites, recreation, culture, and friends will help you find the right area for your family.

With twenty five percent of the city covered in parklands, trails, and golf course, it is often easy to find a residence e with close access to such green features. Central Burnaby offers just that with Deer Lake, offering walking trails, picnic areas, playground, gardens, and several cultural destinations. Featuring housing ranging from condominiums built on an old prison property to old historic homes, there is an abundance of real estate and rental opportunities for families of all sizes.

Schools in Burnaby offer great educational opportunities for students, regardless of the neighbourhood or catchment you reside in. Most students walk or carpool to school, allowing for a community feel and have two schools, Elementary for grades K through 7 and Secondary for grades 8 through 12. Several schools offer specialty programs, such as language immersion, and families can opt to apply to a program for their child.

Just outside of Burnaby to the east lies Coquitlam. If you like Burnaby but desire a suburban environment, this may be the area for you. A smaller, bedroom community that is home to many residents working in the Metro Vancouver area, Coquitlam is served by TransLink and will join the SkyTrain system in 2016.
Acknowledged as one of the most livable and sustainable cities in all of British Columbia, Burnaby offers a thriving community and the city maintains a deep commitment to improving the quality of life for its citizens. As Western Canada’s third largest city, this diverse city truly has something for everyone.

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Burnaby New Housing Market


Hailed as one of the most livable and sustainable cities in British Columbia, Burnaby offers you and your family the opportunity to be a part of a thriving community. Whether moving across town or moving from across the country, finding the right place to buy and move into is a process that is ultimately exciting and full of possibility. Pack your boxes, call the movers and be prepared to find your new home in Burnaby.

burnabyCityThere are several neighborhoods within Burnaby, ranging from heritage homes in the Heights to condos overlooking Vancouver on top of Capitol Hill. With so many different areas, there is plenty of potential in finding your new home. The first step in buying a new home in Burnaby is to determine your budget and what you can afford to buy. Look to work with a mortgage broker or your bank. Going through a pre-approval process for your mortgage will ensure a smoother process once you find a house you want to make an offer on. The pre-approval process will also help you determine your down payment and closing costs.
Now that you have the financial aspects of buying a new home determined, you will need to look for a local Burnaby realtor that has a good reputation; word of mouth from friends and family is key. If you are new to Burnaby ask co-workers or potential future neighbors whom they would recommend working with. Once you’ve established a realtor relationship that you trust, you can start your home buying process by shopping around.
Neighborhoods vary and homes do too. Using a list of things you and your family must-have – whether it’s features within the home or neighborhood amenities – will help you narrow down your choices. A list of pros and cons can help you assess each property and ascertain whether or not it is a good investment. Consider important factors such as schools, proximity to work, parks, trails, attractions and recreation when looking for a new home. Burnaby consists of twenty-five percent parkland and options abound when choosing a location near this wealth of local natural resources.
Once you have found a new house to make into your home, the paperwork process begins. After you have made an offer and been accepted, you can begin the financing process and arrange for an inspection of the property. If everything goes accordingly, you can then prepare to set a closing date and schedule your movers to move you in. Clean your new home, unpack your boxes, change the locks, transfer your mail and roll out the welcome mat to your new house.
Buying a home in Burnaby helps you build your equity in a growing and rapidly expanding city. Whether you plan to move up and into a larger home in the future with an expansion of your family or you plan to expand your real estate portfolio, owning a home in Burnaby is a smart choice. Burnaby continues to attract new residents everyday and provides a vibrant and growing community for many people to call home; with socially active citizens, a healthy economy and a love of the natural environment.

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