Avoid these moving mistakes

Avoid the Top 5 Moving Mistakes

Chances are you’ve moved at least once in your life and you’re probably thinking that makes you a pro when it comes to getting set for the new home. Unfortunately, it’s still really easy to make some basic rookie mistakes.

Here are the top 5 moving mistakes people make when they’re packing up and how you can avoid them:

Packing Heavy Items in Large Boxes
When it comes to packing, many of us figure that the fewer boxes the better. Who wouldn’t want to move one large box as opposed to five smaller boxes? The problem is trying to move that one large box. If you pack a lot of heavy items (like books or pots and pans) then you’re going to break your back trying to move it. Also, the odds of picking up the box only to have the bottom bust out are pretty high. Instead, pack your heavy items in smaller boxes. It may mean more trips to and from the van, but it will be worth it.

Not Labeling Boxes
If you’re trying to be organized, labeling boxes is a must. If you have a blank box, how will you know what is in it or where it belongs in your new home? Be sure to list exactly what is in the box, where it should be placed in your home, and if it is breakable or not.

Waiting Until the Last Minute to Book a Mover
Moving companies fill up weeks, if not months, in advance. Most people move on Saturday because of their jobs. So, if you wait until the last minute to book a mover, chances are you’ll be doing the job yourself. Instead, get a reservation as soon as you know that you’re planning to move.

Doing It All Yourself
If you’re going to move, you absolutely need help. Grab friends and bribe them to help you. (Promises of pizza and beer are great incentives.) If you can’t recruit anyone, be sure to hire a professional mover. The little bit of expense here is well worth it so you aren’t killing yourself trying to move everything alone.

Don’t Pack Up All Your Essentials
You know that realistically it will take a few days (if not weeks) to get everything unpacked. Because of this, be sure to pack an overnight bag with your essential items: toilet paper, bathroom essentials, fresh clothes. You don’t want to have to dig through all your boxes looking for these things when you really need them.

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